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Let me know when someone edits a note I care about and show me what changed about the note.
When you are getting notifications about some note, there should be notification for when someone deletes it.
Tonda, 2 years ago
Each library, folder and note should have their own settings for notification, which you can change freely, without affecting others.

The notification settings in Settings should act as global settings. There should be hierarchy Global settings > Library > Folder > Note. In their own settings libraries, folders and notes should have for each kind of notification 3 possible values: Parent - On - Off, with Parent being set by default. Parent means upper in hierarchy - for note it is folder, for folder library, for library global settings. This way if you set your global settings and never change settings for separate items, everything will behave as set in global settings and changes in global settings would affect everything. You want for one library to turn mail notifications off? Just change the settings for this library and all included folders and notes automatically behaves the same way (they are still set to Parent).

There should be possible to turn on notifications for when someone adds new item to folders or libraries. If you have lots of shared libraries, this is absolute need (you probably don't want to check 20 libraries all the time). Basically, if you have shared folder, you should be able to get notifications when anything changes inside.

The fact that I did in some note something should not act as trigger for starting sending me notifications about this note.

Why I would like to see the above: let's say you are manager in a company and besides many others you have two shared libraries - one shared with people from sales department (where are new contracts discussed with you) and another with several different people across company where is discussed the marketing stuff. Because people from sales are posting contract proposals for you to comment, you want to be notified about every new note that is added in this library (you are expected to react to them asap) and everything else that happens there.
Because you are not marketer, marketing library is not important for you - you have access there "to stay informed", so you don't need to read it all the time and in this case notifications would be a bother (especially if there is lots of activity and discussions between others). Still, when reading, you may want to express your opinion (write something like "I like variant A better."), but you don't need to be notified about what happened there next. On other side, sometimes you post to the marketing library something you need from marketers there, and in these cases, you of course want to be notified. And when your stuff in the note is solved and marketers in the process start arguing in the comments, you should be able to turn the notifications off...

It should be possible to choose whether I want to receive mails immediately or as summary in some intervals, which I can set (so if I set 30 minutes, if there is activity, I will receive notification mails only every 30 minutes and in the mail would be everything that happened during that 30 minutes.
Tonda, 2 years ago
It's a total deal-breaker for our company if you don’t have facility to automatically email the other library members (without having to mention every single one every single time to alert them), as it would be impossible for them to know when an update had been made to note without them manually checking on a regular basis.

I’m very surprised you don’t have this very basic and essential feature like your competitors have.

Is this something you are planning to implement within the next few weeks please?

Thank you.
Peter, 2 years ago
Great idea. This would save everybody heaps of time!
Mark, 2 years ago
Track changes in the note, even. And show who edited it.
Leise, 2 years ago