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Feature Requests / Duplicate team library
Duplicate team library
Votes: Adrian, Tony, Daniel, Marc, Jan K., Paul, K, Brian, Saad, António, Tyler, Don, End Alzheimer's, Amy, Joerg, Romeo, Roger, test, Kristian, Travis, Nalini
Allow me to make a copy of all of the notebooks and notes within a library at one time.
I’ve also added the ‘Find and Replace’ feature request which would make this feature even better. After duplicating a library one could quickly find and replace client names or placeholders and thus create a new library even more efficiently
Marc, 2 years ago
For client projects, I'd like to create a "master" team library with a set of notebooks and notes, then duplicate that entire library for each new client.

Use Case: I have a set of notes that are "worksheets" (more or less), organized into notebooks that are the phases of the project (e.g., Step 1, Step 2). Each client is added to their own separate team library, and we work through the process together. There's a lot of collaborative writing, editing, and chatting that goes along with each note ("worksheet"), and that's what Notejoy does very well.

But for each new client, I have to manually set up their team library by re-creating the notebooks and then duplicating and drag-dropping all the individual notes. With a complex hierarchy (5 notebooks with 10-15 notes each), this is a PITA.

Having the ability to copy an entire set of notebooks + notes into a new team library (without duplicating the sharing / user permissions) would be infinitely easier!
Adrian, 2 years ago