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Feature Requests / Desktop app: Ability to customize notes storage folder
Desktop app: Ability to customize notes storage folder
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Where is NoteJoy Data Stored on my desktop? I would like to select where I want it to be stored as I use a smaller SSD drive on my C Drive (Where NoteJoy is installed) and need all data to be stored elsewhere to preserve space on my C drive.
Hi Ada. I’m sure you didn’t intend it this way, but your response sounds a little dismissive. It also appears this request has been marked as ‘launched’, which it certainly has not been.

This is a future feature request forum, and ‘offline mode’ is a ‘planned’ feature, which makes the ability to select where the local cache is stored a natural extension and a valuable feature.

It will come in handy to be able to specify and easily move the location of where that local cache is stored. Disks get full, different disks and locations are designated for different types of use. You may choose to move your local cache to a RAID array or even a NAS to ensure added redundancy in case something happens to the Notejoy server environment (as a continuity, disaster recovery, or even contingency for unexpected cessation of service).

I would like to request that this feature request have ‘launched’ status removed and it remains a valid contender for implementation. Let me know if you need more clarity around the use cases.
Andrew, 2 years ago
All of your Notejoy data is stored in the cloud, so it's accessible to you across multiple devices as well as other users you want to collaborate with. As a result, there isn't any data that is stored on your computer hard drive outside of the application itself.
Ada, 2 years ago admin
And in the process of adding this feature - Need to include another feature that will move the Data from it's existing location to the new location. This would also allow for NoteJoy to have a Backup, Restore Feature as the above feature is really close to already doing this.
Wes, 2 years ago