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Feature Requests / Desktop app: Deep-link support
Desktop app: Deep-link support
Votes: Walt, Bilal, Andrew, David, Rajesh, Jerome, Dennis, Silvia, K, Vaughan, Danny, Andy, Winston, Marc, Alain, Bryan, Russ, Moe, Stephen, Ian, Taylor, Gtin, Tony, Kay, Michael, Max, Chenran, Steven, Jeremy, Nordine, Ellane, 0000, Joseph, John, Aschwin, Matt, Complexant, Juan, Erik, Anthony
When I click on a Notejoy link in email or Slack and I have the desktop app installed, it would be great if it directly opened the note in the desktop app instead of taking me to the web app.
Agree with Andrew!
Alain, 2 years ago
Ultimately very important if it’s going to become a true part of my workflow. Otherwise the desktop app serves very little purpose. Long term the desktop app needs to be the reliable ‘offline’ workhorse that syncs when it can, but otherwise I can link into it and between notes and stay in that ecosystem wherever possible.
Andrew, 2 years ago