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Feature Requests / Desktop app: Deep-link support
Desktop app: Deep-link support
Votes: Walt, Bilal, Andrew, David, Rajesh, Jerome, Dennis, Silvia, K, Vaughan, Danny, Andy, Winston, Marc, Alain, Bryan, Russ, Moe, Stephen, Ian, Taylor, George, Tony, Kay, Michael, Max, Chenran, Steven, Jeremy, Nordine, Ellane, 0000, Joseph, John, Aschwin, Matt, Complexant, Juan, Erik, Anthony, Jean-Baptiste, Thiago, Daniel, T, Jim, T.C., Metta, Brennan, George, Paulo ...
When I click on a Notejoy link in email or Slack and I have the desktop app installed, it would be great if it directly opened the note in the desktop app instead of taking me to the web app.