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Feature Requests / Customize startup view
Customize startup view
Votes: Michael, Amy, Rene, Garry, Paul, Metta
Right now, the app opens in Recent. But the user should be able to choose: e.g. Starred, the user's personal library, or an urgent project notebook.
We do offer one way of customizing. You can have Notejoy launch to a default notebook instead of the Recent view. To accomplish this, right-click on the Recent view in the sidebar and select Hide. Then right-click the notebook you want to start with and select Make Default. Now when you load Notejoy you'll see your default notebook load.
Sachin, 5 months ago admin
Absolutely! Evernote users have been begging for this option for years. It's always been an issue that if your last note was extremely private, it's right there in your face every time you open the app at the top of the recent list or all notes. Need an option to choose what the default start view is.
Paul, 5 months ago