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Customize keyboard shortcuts
Votes: Kate, Paul, Joseph, K, Santiago, Ellane, Erik, Anthony, Flavio, Ghaith, Steven, Chris, Chris, Maria
It'd be great if I could change the key bindings for keyboard shortcuts to my own preferences.
I upvoted this cause, I can't now switch tabs. So your shortcut literally have overriden the ones I currently uses in the browser - I mean, what's up with that guys.
Anthony, 2 years ago
My real only issue is just these four shortcuts. Gmail, Asana and Mac(?) seem to use these commonly:

bullets = Shift + CMD + 7
numbered lists = Shift + CMD + 8
next = J
prev = K

Of course, everyone has different preferences based on whatever they are use to (emac, Gmail, OS, etc), so it would be nice to customize.
Joseph, 2 years ago