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Feature Requests / Customize font & size
Customize font & size launched
Votes: Romeo, Adam, Y J, Muhammad, Kevin, Sajith, Jerome, Romeo, K, Len, Benjamin, Jovhanna, End Alzheimer's, J Gil , Amy, Andrew, Labiad, SARAI, 楊, Patrick, Kimberley , Marty, Tony, BILL, Peter, Chris, Eric, Stitch, Mya, Daniel, Chenran, Shahjada, Abe, Tina, Brian, Brian, Jeremy, Peter, Pavel, Katrina, Dr.NightShade, Nikhil, Fabiano, Margaret, test, Daniëlle
We should be able to customize the font and font size that is used across all Notejoy notes. There should be a variety of fonts and font sizes to select from.
Yes, please~~~!
Amy, 1 year ago
Yes, please! I HATE Arial! It makes Notejoy seem outdated and clunky.
Andrew, 1 year ago
What do you guys think of the Google fonts selection?
Sachin, 11 months ago admin
Please add Calibri and if possible all fonts from MS WORD, at least the popular ones should be there!!!
Shahjada, 9 months ago
How about custom ones we can import from our own pc? I have a few I've purchased that would look great as headers. The google fonts are beautiful too though.
Margaret, 7 months ago
Customizing font and font size are now live! Details here.
Sachin, 7 months ago admin