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Feature Requests / Customize font & size
Customize font & size planned
Votes: Romeo, Adam, Y J, Muhammad, Kevin, Sajith, Jerome, Romeo, K, Len, Benjamin, Jovanhanna, End Alzheimer's, J Gil , Amy, Andrew, Labiad, SARAI, 楊, Patrick, Kimberley , Marty, Tony, BILL, Peter, Chris, Eric
We should be able to customize the font and font size that is used across all Notejoy notes. There should be a variety of fonts and font sizes to select from.
Yes, please~~~!
Amy, 4 months ago
Yes, please! I HATE Arial! It makes Notejoy seem outdated and clunky.
Andrew, 4 months ago
What do you guys think of the Google fonts selection?
Sachin, 4 weeks ago admin