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Feature Requests / Custom H1-3 heading font size
Custom H1-3 heading font size
Votes: Palawin, Jeff, Jon, Greg
Ability to set the H1-3 heading font sizes along with the body text font size to maintain a proper typographic hierarchy.

Right now, when I set a bigger custom font size, The H1-3 heading font size doesn't change. The H3 is even smaller than a body text. It's hard to understand the content.
I wish there was a way to see when ideas were posted in this roadmap request - I have this same problem, and from an accessibility standpoint, if I need to use a bigger font to use the platform effectively this shouldn't hamper my organizational navigation experience.

In other words, the size / format of the headings should always have (at very least) the same ratio of visible difference from one another vs being static, which is what seems to be the case.

In an ideal world we'd be able to set library defaults and/or global defaults for the thre heading types
Jon, 3 months ago