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Feature Requests / Colored fonts
Colored fonts launched
Votes: Danny, Amanda, Nigel, Hữu Trọng, Marty, Shine, Steven, Peter, Alyssa, Sviatoslav, Neeraj, Taba, Wes, Bei, Adam, Romeo, Mark, Connor, Мебели Вега, A, Kevin, Jerome, José, Romeo, K, Marcus, Len, Paphunkkorn, Catherine, Sajith, Bluestone, Cathy, Rudy, Ilse, Benjamin, Chris, Danielle, Mike, Paresh, Aaron, Kay, m, Anuschka, Piotr, Kyle, Phill, Neel, Stephen, Randy, Shane ...
Provide the ability to change text colors. This helps design a note and separate different section, highlight important issues, etc.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 months ago admin
If this were added, it would also be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to change text to a preset color (rather than mousing to the formatting bar.)

Adding a keyboard shortcut to automatically highlight text would solve this need for me too.
David, 11 months ago
Yes please and thank you
Cenay, 1 year ago
How's the progress on this guys? Any expected dates?
Duy, 1 year ago
yes please , we should be able to add font and size
Asha, 1 year ago
Need color fonts, highlights are useful but they don't cut it for all use cases
Robert, 1 year ago
I agree with Lyn. Highlights and colored fonts are not the same. Less 'joy' with notes really! And not even planned as a feature?
Richard, 2 years ago
need to have colored type in notejoy- - having highlights is NOT the same- -
Lyn, 2 years ago
I do a lot of copy and pasting from websites, pdf, etc. into Notejoy. Would be great to be able to change the pasted blue colored font to standard black in Notejoy.
Shea, 2 years ago
(I'm not the dev, just another passionate user.) Just wondering, what would colors achieve vs highlights?

Here's why I ask:
In the first week of using NJ, yea, I wanted colors bad. But the Highlight colors were the closest thing, so I started using them, and WOW they are amazing. They call out so much more attention.

Now at first I was like, "Yea but they call out too much attention. I want to call out less attention but still have attention ..." and it was around that moment I realized I was overcomplicating it! So I had to simplify my process.

Here's a PNG screenshot of our template (I added some example tasks just to show context).

Speaking to everyone here (not specifically to you) what has helped me with NJ is... before I request new features I've started asking myself, "Is the feature a bandaid for a larger project/task management problem?" It's led to a lot of improved efficiencies :-)

Stay Groovy & Joyous, everyone!
Jason, 2 years ago