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Feature Requests / Colored fonts
Colored fonts launched
Votes: Danny, Amanda, Nigel, Hữu Trọng, Marty, Shine, Steven, Peter, Alyssa, Sviatoslav, Neeraj, Taba, Wes, Bei, Adam, Romeo, Mark, Connor, Мебели Вега, A, Kevin, Jerome, José, Romeo, K, Marcus, Len, Paphunkkorn, Catherine, Sajith, Bluestone, Cathy, Rudy, Ilse, Benjamin, Chris, Danielle, Mike, Paresh, Aaron, Kay, stoat, Anuschka, Piotr, Kyle, Phill, Neel, Stephen, Randy, Shane ...
Provide the ability to change text colors. This helps design a note and separate different section, highlight important issues, etc.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin