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Collapsible bullets
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Sometimes seeing a wall of bullet points is intimidating and it would be more useful to just see the top-level items. Workflowy has this concept where every bullet point is collapsible and it would be great to have the same ability in Notejoy. This might be solvable with the Table of Contents feature, but its still a slightly different ask.
Would be very useful to manage a growing sub task list too without the task becoming overwhelming.
Stewart, 1 month ago
yes, this.
makes a long note much easier to read, navigate and view
Phil, 5 months ago
Pleeease, mister creator, add collapsible sections. I LOVE how simple NoteJoy is, but the only advanced feature I really crave is collapsible sections.

Our massive Daily Task List has a lot of sub-notes.
When we complete a task (or defer it) then all of the sub-bullets become clutter not necessary for this day. Of course this is just one of many use cases.

Example using web inspector: (annotated PNG via screenshot sharing app)
^ pardon the crappy web inspector CSS. You should get the idea ;-)
Jason, 2 years ago
Please add Collapsible Headline!

That’s what I like about the old G-Notebook: The option to collaps content within the document and just see the content I am working on right now. Of course I could open a new note, but I like the feeling to have all on one page. A concept view defined by H1 to Hx would be great!
Lars, 2 years ago