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Feature Requests / Collapse menus
Collapse menus launched
Votes: Greg, Dea
It would be really helpful if we could collapse the main menu and notes menu on the left hand side to reduce the screen real estate which would really help improve the usability when trying to take notes while other applications are open at the same time.
It would be great to just collapse the main menu/navigation sidebar only because I need to view/edit other notes from the same notebook (like what Apple Notes does). Focus View collapses everything else except the note you're in. Eg. I have a client folder for an e-commerce site I support, in it are several notes (policies, macro, etc.) for each marketplace. Since I receive support tickets for all marketplace, it will be troublesome for me to go in and out of the docus view. I hope you'd reconsider
Dea, 2 years ago
We actually support this today with Focus View.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin