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CloudApp integration
Votes: Daniel, Thomas, Jan, Sajith, David, Joseph, Bluestone, Harry, Taylor, Marc, John, Indratno, Moe, Ale, Len, Steven, Russ, Tim, Paphunkkorn, K, Roberto, Jeff, Gyarmati, Phill, Richard, AJ, Neel, Brian, Tony, Saad, António, Pamela, Les, Joseph, Don, Tobias, Drew, End Alzheimer's, Dominik, Ereika, Eak, Cathal, Nish, Asad, Kevin, Nathan, Nicolas, SG Digital, Rishiraj, David ...
Being able to bring CloudApp screen shots or screen recordings.
Eg.: CloudApp iframe video embeds are not supported. This feature would be great! :-)
Roberto, 2 years ago
I just tried it. It worked as I expected. Drag-dropping screenshot of Cloudapp direct to my note without any issue.

So, the integration requested must be something else?
Indratno, 2 years ago