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Feature Requests / Chrome extension: Quick add to Notejoy
Chrome extension: Quick add to Notejoy
Votes: Cathal, Alex, Justin, Kimberley , K, End Alzheimer's, Paul, Peter, David, Nithyanandan, Jared, Marty, Paul, Max, BILL, Tales, Ghaith, Marc, Chenran
In Chrome I'd like to be able to right click and add a pdf/image/block of text to Notejoy
Now that we have a web clipper as a Chrome extension, what do you think is the best way to implement this?

As a right-click option on the existing web clipper extension icon? Or as a separate extension?
Sachin, 3 weeks ago admin
Please Shortcut like evernote and highligh-righclick
Ghaith, 3 weeks ago