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Feature Requests / Chrome extension: Quick add to Notejoy
Chrome extension: Quick add to Notejoy
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In Chrome I'd like to be able to right click and add a pdf/image/block of text to Notejoy
OneNote's webclipper has the extension icon for clipping the whole page, just like Notejoy.
However, with OneNote, you can also right click anything on the page itself to clip just that selection, image, or link as a new note. The note also includes a link back to the page along with the selected contents.
This functionality would be great in NoteJoy.
Michelle, 4 months ago
Now that we have a web clipper as a Chrome extension, what do you think is the best way to implement this?

As a right-click option on the existing web clipper extension icon? Or as a separate extension?
Sachin, 5 years ago admin