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Feature Requests / Checklist - option to not strikethrough text when checking off a box
Checklist - option to not strikethrough text when checking off a box
Votes: Richard, Gene, Erika, David
Currently, when you create a checklist then check the box that the item is done, it changes the text by adding a strikethrough. Please add an option so you can either keep this behavior or NOT strikethrough the text. I realize changing the text to a strikethrough can help you see at a glance what items have been done and what items haven't. That would be fine if this were a shopping list. I use checkboxes all the time for work items I have to do, or as a reminder of things I need to do. When the item is done, I still want to keep the text that's there for future reference. Having it as strikethrough makes it difficult to read.
Agree - would love this option. I dislike the strikethrough as well so I've resorted to creating To Do lists, checklists, etc. by using bullet points or numbered lists, then either highlighting done items in a particular color or writing DONE before or after the item. Don't love those methods either. Please delete the strikethrough or give us the option to turn it on/off. It doesn't make sense to have it; the point of a checklist is that when the box is checked, the item is done - no need to additionally cross it out. Thanks!
Erika, 2 months ago