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Feature Requests / Calendar integration
Calendar integration
Votes: Andrew, Aatif, Elena, James, Susan, Brian, Karan, Florina, Kevin, Eric, Jenny, Ian, Robert, Pratheep, ben, Jakub, Shine, Peter, Alyssa, Justin, Steven, Neeraj, Taba, a, Dennis, Adam, Tobias, Andrew, Wes, David, David, Rajesh, Francis, Muhamad, Cathal, Muhammad, Jinu, Kevin, Sajith, Michael, Christopher, Lou, Louis, Louis, Zac, Doug, David, Tracey, Andrew, Rupert ...
Allow me to easily create a meeting note based on my calendar and fill in the title and include a list of all the attendees @mentioned.
Daniëlle, 1 year ago
I'm a doctor. My use case is moving confirmed appointments (tasks) to Google Calendar. I can do this with Agenda presently. Please include this feature with calendar integration.
Neill, 1 year ago
yep - like Taskade - and new kid Agenda (but advantage of being more cross platform than these "boutique" (expensive) developers)
Ross, 2 years ago
Calendar integration is a must.
Harpreet, 2 years ago
Please please please! I'm desperate for an app that can meld task list/ project management and a calendar view.
Kimberley, 2 years ago
Agenda is another great one to look at.
Jared, 2 years ago
I agree.. Notejoy team please take a look at, it is a similar tool as notojoy but it is free.. and it has some cool feature that you don't. Including calendar integration.

Please add calendar integration :)
Muhamad, 2 years ago
This should be enabled with some sort of tag, say "+" (vs @) that allows milestones to be added for project management meetings and targets
Jon, 2 years ago