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Feature Requests / Better Google Drive integration
Better Google Drive integration
Votes: Amber, Doug, Mark, Tim, Nalini, Daniel, AJ, Shane, António, Don, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Matteo, Asad, K, Gary, Andrew, Chelsea, Steve, Tony, Peter, Kevin, Connor, BILL, Mya, Brian, Chenran, Amanda, Bruno, Prokopis, John, Ahmed, Josh, CJ, Yasmin E., T, Simon, Anne, Michelle, Sujan, zbdrariI
The G Drive integration right now works, however it could be better. Having it keep a folder hierarchy would be amazing. Right now when it boots up it's a complete mishmash of all folders. You really need to know what you're looking for and use the search; not ideal.

Would also like to see the new Google Team Drives feature included as well.