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Feature Requests / Better Google Drive integration
Better Google Drive integration
Votes: Amber, Doug, Mark, Tim, Nalini, Daniel, AJ, Shane, António, Don, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Matteo, Asad, K, Gary, Andrew, Chelsea, Steve, Tony, Peter, Gary, Connor, BILL, Mya, Brian, Chenran, Amanda, Bruno, Prokopis, John, Ahmed, Josh, CJ, Yasmin E., T
The G Drive integration right now works, however it could be better. Having it keep a folder hierarchy would be amazing. Right now when it boots up it's a complete mishmash of all folders. You really need to know what you're looking for and use the search; not ideal.

Would also like to see the new Google Team Drives feature included as well.
+1 for attaching files from Google Drive besides Google Docs.
Josh, 8 months ago
Attaching other files from Google Drive (non google docs) instead of having to upload would be great
Prokopis, 1 year ago
To be able to "create + attach" new Google docs would be awesome. No need to browse to attach. We can simply create and attach directly in-app
Tony, 2 years ago
+1 on Team Drives - Will achieve synergy and make NoteJoy a good companion for G-suite users.

+1 on Being able to browse folder structure of Google Drive. Current Google Drive file embed is a mess, with random list of folders that can't be embedded.

* Another request: Please embed Google Drive file links. Right now it's just a regular link (no thumbnail, no embed). FYI, Notion app does this already.
Daniel, 2 years ago
Team Drives are a must for us. Hope the new Google file picker with Team Drives gets implemented soon!
Doug, 2 years ago