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Apple Pencil integration
Votes: Rajiv, Jose, Philippe, Steven, Peter, Sajith, John, Jeff, Timo, SG Digital, Jan, Paphunkkorn, Max, Emily, Eak, James, Nalini, Ricardo, Robert, Mike, Len, Jovhannah, Neil, Saad, Tandi, David, Marlena, Paul, Ming, z, Nish, Neil, Alexandro, Kimberley, Aaron, Romeo, Sebastian, Martine, saad, Dennis, Max, Patrick, Paul, Ankur, Brian, Steven, Jeremy, Edward, Steve, Gardner ...
Allow me to use the Apple Pencil within the Notejoy iPad app to jot down hand-written notes.
I want to be able to write on my notes. Please help. This would help with showing people what they are and arent doing.
May, 3 months ago
We would love this at my company. We do a lot of sketching and note taking with iPads.
Alberto, 4 months ago
Yes Please!
Emin, 5 months ago