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Apple Pencil integration
Votes: Rajiv, Jose, Philippe, Steven, Peter, Sajith, John, Jeff, Timo, Martin, Jan, Paphunkkorn, Max, Emily, Eak, James, Nalini, Ricardo, Robert, Mike, Len, Jovhannah, Neil, Saad, Tandi, David, Marlena, Paul, Ming, m, Nish, Neil, Alexandro, Kimberley , Aaron, Romeo, Sebastian, Martine, saad, Dennis, Max, Patrick, Paul, Ankur, Brian, Steven, Jeremy, Edward, Steve, Gardner ...
Allow me to use the Apple Pencil within the Notejoy iPad app to jot down hand-written notes.
I would like to second this. I know this would be a MAJOR ordeal getting it integrated, but it would be a wonderful feature. Especially with OCR, where the handwritten notes could be searched.
Peter, 1 year ago
This would be a much welcomed addition.
Aaron, 1 year ago
I would second this but suggest that handwriting general compatibility with digital pens be integrated along with handwriting recognition to transform written notes to text.
Kimberley , 1 year ago
Note-taking = handwritten notes
This one thing could bring so many users to NoteJoy. I hope they implement this quickly.
Ricardo, 1 year ago
I could help me to fully replace Apple Notes by Notejoy
Alejandro, 1 year ago
Same here. The reason why I initially migrated away from Evernote to Onenote was Onenote's excellent pencil integration. I will have to stick with Onenote until Apple Pencil is supported.
Gorjan, 1 year ago
come on plan this
Valentino, 2 months ago
I want to keep this urgent. I've subscribed to Notejoy but the inability to surface handwritten text in a PDF or image file is one of two upgrades I really need from NoteJoy to solve my workflow needs. Thanks!
John, 1 month ago
I need something that syncs into Trello which you do. Now I need this to also be something I can do with the pencil - please!
Kieron , 6 days ago