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Apple Pencil integration
Votes: Rajiv, Jose, Philippe, Steven, Peter, Sajith, John, Jeff, Timo, Martin, Jan, Paphunkkorn, Max, Emily, Eak, James, Nalini, Ricardo, Robert, Mike, Len, Jovhannah, Neil, Saad, Tandi, David, Marlena, Paul, Ming, m, Nish, Neil, Alexandro, Kimberley, Aaron, Romeo, Sebastian, Martine, saad, Dennis, Max, Patrick, Paul, Ankur, Brian, Steven, Jeremy, Edward, Steve, Gardner ...
Allow me to use the Apple Pencil within the Notejoy iPad app to jot down hand-written notes.
I would like to second this. I know this would be a MAJOR ordeal getting it integrated, but it would be a wonderful feature. Especially with OCR, where the handwritten notes could be searched.
Peter, 2 years ago
This would be a much welcomed addition.
Aaron, 2 years ago
I would second this but suggest that handwriting general compatibility with digital pens be integrated along with handwriting recognition to transform written notes to text.
Kimberley, 1 year ago
Note-taking = handwritten notes
This one thing could bring so many users to NoteJoy. I hope they implement this quickly.
Ricardo, 1 year ago
I could help me to fully replace Apple Notes by Notejoy
Alejandro, 1 year ago
Same here. The reason why I initially migrated away from Evernote to Onenote was Onenote's excellent pencil integration. I will have to stick with Onenote until Apple Pencil is supported.
Gorjan, 1 year ago
come on plan this
Valentino, 8 months ago
I want to keep this urgent. I've subscribed to Notejoy but the inability to surface handwritten text in a PDF or image file is one of two upgrades I really need from NoteJoy to solve my workflow needs. Thanks!
John, 7 months ago
I need something that syncs into Trello which you do. Now I need this to also be something I can do with the pencil - please!
Kieron, 6 months ago
Fully agree. I currently take notes in GoodNotes when using the pencil and I have to then migrate them to Notejoy. It’s a pain. For me, there are moments fro keyboard written notes and other for pencil taken notes, and they are very different use scenarios, and both very important. Hope to see this soon. I know developers can now leverage the pencil toolkit from Apple Notes, so It should not be that hard to implement.
Martin, 2 months ago
Add this, and I will evangelize Notejoy from the rooftops.
Ellane, 1 month ago
PLEASE this is the final step to completely immerse myself in Notejoy.
Manny, 4 days ago