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Annotate images
Votes: Debarshi, Tonda, Yannick, Len, Paphunkkorn, K, AJ, Stefan, Stéphanie, Don, Romeo, Marlena, End Alzheimer's, Matteo, Au, Muhammad Zain, Cathal, Alexandro, Steve, Marty, Dian, Rene, Patrick, BILL, Tapan, Richard, Brian, Jeremy, Saad, Nordine, test, Waltair, Joseph, Amy, Angelo, John, Jonathan, Yasmin E., Tom, T
It would be great if I could annotate images with arrows, circles, text, etc like Skitch.
If this comes on board I will definitely change from Evernote
Waltair, 1 year ago
Dian, 2 years ago