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Android app launched
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Create an Android app for Notejoy with similar functionality to the existing iOS app.
Android App is needed
Julio, 2 years ago
This is an essential feature if it's to become a replacement for OneNote.
David, 2 years ago
Being able to add notes and images to ongoing projects from my Android phone is an important part of my current workflow. Please keep me updated on this feature.
Ereika, 2 years ago
Half our team has Androids. We need this app if we are going to keep using Notejoy.
Jay, 2 years ago
We Need This please!
Vinicio, 2 years ago
Everyone in my company has an Android.
Steve, 2 years ago
Android app needed please.
Alan, 2 years ago
I agree.. Notejoy team please take a look at, it is a similar tool as notojoy but it is free.. and it has some cool feature that you don't. Including android app.

Please add android app :)
Farchan, 2 years ago
Please provide us with an android app. Many people of our team use andriod phones and tablets. Thank You
Chiranjibi, 2 years ago
we need this ASAP
shlomi, 2 years ago
Android App please. Thanks. Great job, you guys.
Slye Joy, 2 years ago
I would love an Android App and would get so much more value out of Notejoy...:)
I hope it is coming soon :)
Robin, 2 years ago
Lukas, 2 years ago
Yep - asap - thanks
THOMAS, 2 years ago
This would make life so much easier for my business; not needing to constantly need to open a browser and zoom.

ASAP please :)
Chris, 2 years ago
I think you should take some of the interface of Nimbus note for the Notejoy Android App.
Julio, 2 years ago
Android App is the most important priority right now!!
Julio, 2 years ago
Android go!!!
Florian, 2 years ago
My team won't get on board with this until there's an android app. Help!
Andrea, 2 years ago
More people's use android. So why it not developed first over the iPhone market.
Admin, 2 years ago
Self-explanatory :)
Mohamed, 2 years ago
need android
Dennis, 2 years ago
Really would like an android app for quick notes and comments on the road.
Eelco, 2 years ago
please facilitate android app :-)
Victoria, 2 years ago
android app....must have to viable replacement to evernote
Eric, 2 years ago
Need the app so bad. Please make possible
AJ, 2 years ago
When ???
John, 2 years ago
the only thing stopping me from using notejoy is this. any idea when?
Cathal, 2 years ago
Please add this soon.
Don, 2 years ago
yes please
Celeste, 2 years ago
I just bought I use Samsung
Madhu, 2 years ago
Please make an android app soon.
Zachary, 2 years ago
I am waiting for the application.
Piotr, 2 years ago
Yes!!! This would be so helpful!
Joseph, 2 years ago
Yes. This is super important moving into the future!
Aaron, 2 years ago
ASAP please
erwan, 2 years ago
Please launch this
Jayesh, 2 years ago
Android app is needed. :-)
Rafał, 2 years ago
This won't work for me without being able to use from my Android phone. So I'll check it out again once you've launched it.
Louise, 2 years ago
Steve, 2 years ago
Needed for me to replace my current system with Notejoy
Jonathan, 2 years ago
With an android app I would definitely switch to notejoy.
Philipp, 2 years ago
Can't wait for the android app
Sean, 2 years ago
Michael, 2 years ago
A Must to compete with Evernote
Ghaith, 2 years ago
Notejoy for Android is coming along quite nicely. Here's a sneak peak!

Sachin, 2 years ago admin
@Sachin: looks "yummi", great work.
Any clue on a possible publishing date?
Massimiliano, 2 years ago
May I be a beta-tester?
José, 2 years ago
Julio, 2 years ago
My upvote - would love to beta test.
John, 2 years ago
Waiting eagerly!
Thomas, 2 years ago
We can't wait for the Droid app! Note 8 and Note 9 users want the DroidJoy with Notejoy !
Chris, 2 years ago
We all can't wait. We are android people!
Megan, 2 years ago
So excited to get the Android app!
Mike, 2 years ago
Yay!! That will be awesome!
Alisa, 2 years ago
Can't wait for android app - feel 'naked' without it :)
THOMAS, 2 years ago
Up Up and Away
Note, 2 years ago
Up up!! awesome!!
Bro Mamen, 2 years ago
Yes please.
Chris, 2 years ago
Yay! I can't wait!
Hanna, 2 years ago
Looking forward to it!
Ereika, 2 years ago
Yeah, beta testing will be fun!
Holger, 2 years ago
Ready for beta test...
Michael, 2 years ago
Ready for beta!
Piotr, 2 years ago
Kate, 2 years ago
Kate, 2 years ago
Waiting eagerly to be able to use Notejoy on my (Android) cell phone.
Kevin, 2 years ago
We need it, too.
Slye Joy, 2 years ago
Can't wait
Robert, 2 years ago
I would also like to beta test.
Matthew, 2 years ago
cant wait also!!
Tina, 2 years ago
geeks love android should have been the first one before the ios :)
Arnie, 2 years ago
W00t! Congrats, Notejoy! and same to us users! :'D
Lorgen Gerard, 2 years ago
Much anticipated apps! Please invite me to be beta tester!
Bambang, 2 years ago
I badly need it
K, 2 years ago
Notejoy for Android beta is now live! Download here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin