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Feature Requests / Add option to prevent editors from deleting notes
Add option to prevent editors from deleting notes
Votes: Marty, Karl, Adam, Jerome, Mark, K, Jan, Neeraj, Marc, Tonda, Russ, Kay, AJ, Stephen, Shane, John, Saad, Stefan, António, Joseph, Don, End Alzheimer's, Ereika, Au, Richard, Taylor, Gtin, Amy, Fredy, Len, Santiago, Ellane, Nish, Romeo, Max, BILL, A, Kevin, Matthew, Travis, Joachim, Miranda, Chris, Anthony, Joerg, T
I'd like to create an option that allows admins to prevent editors from deleting notes to ensure no important notes are accidentally lost.
After having experienced a couple of our main notes being deleted, I would also appreciate this option. I am confident none of the team members would do that intentionally, even though I can't see how that would be done unintentionally. Since deletion of a note is not an action that is included in the history log, I can't determine which team member inadvertently deleted the notes. It is true (and very helpful) that retrieving the note is a simple process.
Kevin, 2 years ago
You also have the option of setting certain users as view or comment-only to ensure they can't edit, move, or delete notes. Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Additionally to preventing from deleting, how about preventing from moving a note out of a team library?
Richard, 2 years ago
Thanks for the feature request! Just wanted to point out that since we have the ability to recover deleted notes in our premium plans, you can always recover any notes that are accidentally deleted.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin