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Feature Requests / Add-ons library (like Google Docs)
Add-ons library (like Google Docs)
Votes: Jason, Esther
One thing I love about Google Docs is all the add-ons available to help organization, styling, and more.

I foresee NoteJoy having a library of add-ons to choose from.

** This allows the minimalist an un-cluttered experience, and the feature-loving user an advanced experience. **

For example, I'd love an Add-On to change Link Color.
And another to style Checkboxes.
And another to add Font Color.
And another to add Emoji support.
And another to turn a Note Formatting/Styling into more like a To Do list (see the minimalist web-app: for how they minimalistically handle it.)

These Add-Ons make NoteJoy as simple or feature rich as one desires.

Many features in the Request Library can be put into Add-Ons instead of altering the Core!

And allow program-savvy users to submit their add-ons for inclusion into the library.

Perhaps there could be an Add-On Submission wall (much like Feature Request wall) where people vote to approve an add on.

There could be another Add-On Request wall, so that people who want to help improve NoteJoy can pick from Add-Ons they know how to program!

This is like a Feature of Features :-)
I also wanted to add this.

Many people may disagree, but I for one agree, that ...

If there were some add-on that greatly improved Quality of Life yet took your team a good amount of time/money/energy to implement, I would be willing to pay a price for a Premium Add-On. Such as $4.99 to allow XYZ functionality. NoteJoy has been a very cost-effective purchase for me, and I feel that I could contribute by purchasing add-ons.

Another alternative (perhaps this is MUCH better than the one above) is to have a donations box when someone activates an add-on. Make it look like a purchase screen with the base-cost as $0, and clickable boxes to send $X via PayPal to help support your team. I think you might find that many are willing to donate. I know I would!
Jason, 2 years ago