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Feature Requests / Add colors to libraries, notebooks, and notes
Add colors to libraries, notebooks, and notes
Votes: Adam, Tom, Karl, Tracey, Andrew, Silvia, Roberto, K, Fredy, Emily, Miguel, Marc, Aaron, Laurie, Kay, Tim, Jovanhanna, Shane, John, Pamela, End Alzheimer's, Kimberley , Oliver, Silvia, Jamie, Richard, Amy, Tony, Abby, Sergey
With hundreds of libraries, notebooks, and notes it will be easier on the eye to be able to "mark" or "tag" libraries, notebooks, and notes with different colors and even icons :)
As a visual person, I agree with this!
Pamela, 4 months ago
I use a note app on my Kindle and I can change the color of the note. Now I really like it that I have different note colors in the overview, but not the note itself which changes too. So my vote for NoteJoy would be the ability to change the color of a note in the "notes panel view" only.
Richard, 4 months ago