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Feature Requests / Add ability to use TouchID / FaceID to open the app
Add ability to use TouchID / FaceID to open the app
Votes: Brent
Recent convert from Evernote here. And this was one of the few things I really liked about Evernote - until they broke even that feature.

There's an existing feature request that's similar to this request, but only applies to individual notes:

It would be nice to have the option of also adding this just to get into the app itself. Because I use notes to store sensitive information, while I can use the above feature request for that, that could be potentially a lot of notes I have to protect rather than just protecting access to the entire app. If my phone gets stolen, even to have someone be able to get into some of my notes is not a good option.

It's really not that less convenient to get into the app since it's a quick touch or glance to authenticate me as the user and I'm in. I hope this is something others may also find useful to get this bumped up for consideration.