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Feature Requests / A quick filter on the tags list
A quick filter on the tags list launched
Votes: Ben
I have tons of tags and many are nested several layers deep. It's a pain to find the tag I want. A quick filter on that tags list would make it infinitely more usable.

What I mean by "quick filter" is the kind where as you type, non-matching tags disappear from the list. The more you type, the more narrowed down the list becomes.

So, if I have these tags:

If I type "wal" they'll all be visible, but as soon as I type "walg" then the only matching tag is "walgreens" so the others will disappear.

Maybe I over-explained it but I just want to make sure it's clear.
You can accomplish this today with our Cmd+J feature. Press Cmd+J, then type # followed by a few letters of your tag name, and it'll filter your tags to the appropriate ones. Just click on the one you want and you'll immediately jump to browsing that tag!
Sachin, 10 months ago admin